Whether you are looking for an elegant sailboat, a luxurious motor yacht or an exciting racing yacht, we are ready to put our experience and knowledge at your disposal to help you make the right choice.

€ 156,000 + VAT

qmax 28

Dinghy ready for delivery summer 2024!

The Max-28 fully represents the philosophy of the Q-Max shipyard, based on a strong focus on design and innovation in construction methods and materials, improving comfort and safety on board, still guaranteeing exciting performances.

A new design concept in which all elements take on plasticity, such as the stern gunwales which, evoking the crest of a wave, form a whole with the sea.

€ 57,000 + VAT

lilybaeum levanzo 25

The luxurious day-boat that combines the performance and robustness of a fisherman’s boat with the elegance and comfort of a pleasure yacht.

The design activity revolves around performance and technology, to create a unit that stands out for its beauty and efficiency.

The characteristic flared bow and hull lines enable sailing in rough seas, guaranteeing a dry deck for the crew and excellent stability.


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